Trigger Thumb

Trigger thumb/ fingers is a condition in which thumb or finger of a child is in a bent position and catches when they try to straighten it.
Common age group of children having trigger thumbs between the ages of one to three. Likewise, they can have triggered thumb in one hand or both hands. Trigger thumb is a clinical diagnosis


The symptoms of trigger thumb differ from one child to another. Some children with trigger thumb experience pain and swelling in the thumbs and some child’s thumb experience locking in a bent position, and catching, clicking, or popping while moving the thumb.

Dr. Deepak Agrawal, is an experienced paediatric orthopaedician and while diagnosing trigger thumb, examines the finger thoroughly to identify any other medical problems.


Dr Deepak Agrawal is an experienced paediatric orthopaedician and advises parents to treat trigger thumb through stretching, splitting, and message,make the child stretch and straighten the thumb by wearing a thumb splint

However, if the initial treatment fails Dr. Deepak Agrawal is an experienced orthopedic surgeon and can perform specific day surgery to treat trigger thumb .


After Dr Deepak Agrawal’s trigger thumb surgery will require the child to wear bandages for one to two weeks to protect the thumb. Child rarely need any other intervention after the procedure.

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