Helmet Safety

Choosing a Helmet

  • Measure your child’s head for size.   Have your child try on several helmets in his size until one feels right.   With the new helmet on your child’s head, make sure that he can still see and hear clearly.   Adjust the sizing pads or fit ring until the helmet is comfortably snug.
  • Children are more likely to use safe habits if their parents model the good behavior.  Be sure to wear your helmet when biking with your children.  Make sure they understand that helmets aren’t uncool.  They can save lives. There are many creative ways to decorate your child’s helmet to make it more personal, more fun, and more likely to be worn.

Q:  How do I pick the right helmet?

First – it’s important to get the appropriate helmet for your sport..To make sure the helmet you pick will fit your child:

  • bring her to the store with you and measure her head for size
  • try on several helmets of the appropriate size to find one that feels right
  • adjust the fit with the pads or sizing ring