Knee Deformity

Deformity is the difference found in a particular organ of a person compared to the same organ of an average person. Advancement in medical technology has helped in the development of new devices and surgical procedures which are found to be very useful in reducing the deformity problems faced by many patients.

Bow legs: A Bow leg is an inborn deformity which can be rectified if patient is allowed to wear leg braces for several weeks before the age of four. But after the age of four, surgery will be required to straighten out this deformity. In surgical procedure, the knees are realigned and placed in their proper place using pins or plates and they are allowed to heal. In another procedure named osteotomy, a small wedge like piece is removed from the tibia through surgery and realignment of the leg bones is done. If necessary a wedge like portion is removed from fibula also.

Knock knee: The case of knock knee is also same as bow legs. They can be easily corrected in childhood days. If not corrected in childhood then surgery as mentioned in the case of bow legs will be necessitated.