Torticollis is a condition where child’s neck tilts on one side. Torticollis patients are initially advised gentle physiotherapy. Rigid deformities are treated with surgery. Younger children are treated with ” Unipolar Release ( muscle release from one end)” & adolescents are treated with ” Bipolar Release (muscle release from both the ends)

The exact cause of torticollis is not known. Torticollis can develop slowly in a person with a family history of the disorder (spasmodic torticollis). Torticollis can also develop due to injury or in some cases as a side effect to certain medications.Females are affected more than males. Stress and emotion can exacerbate the deformity.

Types of Torticollis

Congenital torticollis (inherited)– This type of neck deformity is present at birth and is due to changes in the genes.

Acquired torticollis (acute) – This type of neck deformity can occur overnight. It occurs due to damage to the nervous system, upper spine, or muscles. It usually lasts for few days and subsides with rest and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

The treatment of torticollis is targeted to relax the contracted neck muscles involved. Treatment might involve medications, physiotherapy, botulinum toxin injections or surgery. Timely treatment is extremely crucial, else the condition becomes permanent.