How to stop cerebral palsy

Cerebral Palsy  is a very common disability diagnosed in children related to unexplainable brain damage and disorients the body’s motor and impairs the muscle functions like bowel movements, eating, talking, and simple movements like walking. It can also surface between the age of 3 to 5 years for a child, or later in the age due to trauma. There are no methods to prevent cerebral palsy, currently. However, there are some steps parents can follow to decrease the potential risk of generating the condition.

Important Note: While one can take measures to prevent the chances of Cerebral palsy, there is no treatment available once it occurs. It is due to the lack of discovery in the source cause of cerebral palsy. However, there are certain tips and practices one can incorporate into their lives, or their child’s life if they have cerebral palsy.
Types of Cerebral Palsy

There are primarily three types of CP:

Ataxic CP: This type of CP targets the balancing factors and depth perception of the person. It renders them incapable of moving like a normal person. They may require to extend or stretch their legs further. Impaired depth perception entails that they have a response similar to stepping inside a steep surface while walking on a regular surface. It is inevitable for them to feel these problems.

Spastic CP: Similar to spasmodic response in the body, it causes stiffness in the body and excessive difficulty in making clean movements. The condition can affect upper, lower, or both halves of the body. It is also one of the most common types of CP among kids.

Dyskinetic CP: Twisting and abrupt movements of the body, like flinching or sudden shrugs, are the main problems, kids, with this type of CP face. They do not have control over the movements of their bodies.

As stated, there isn’t any cure for the condition. But there are certain methods one can employ to improve the quality of the lifestyle.

Surgical procedures that can enable the person to function better.
Therapy sessions and rehabilitation practices to help them get used to their body with disability.
Equipment and machinery that assist kids in establishing better communication and muscle movements.

Measures to take during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most vital stage of a child’s development. It is important to take caution and improve the lifestyle for the nourishment of a healthy baby in the womb. There isn’t any medication, supplementation or procedures to have a healthy baby. It will depend on the measures you take as a parent.

Mothers should always get vaccinated before trying to get pregnant.
The most common and effective prevention is to eat healthily and to adopt a good lifestyle during pregnancy.
Regular doctor appointments are important. Strictly follow any advice given by them.
If you have uncurable passive health issues, inform the doctor. They will offer proper guidance to maintain the health of the mother and child.
Quitting habits of alcohol, cigarettes, or any drugs that can affect the health of your child.

Measures to take during birth

It is important to stay alert and take initiative whenever it is required, it will aid in rectifying any complication. Here are some measures to help you:

Try to maintain a calm mindset during delivery. It will help you think clearly and reduce the chances of potentially harming the child’s health. There have been cases of stress-induced CP development.
Make regular appointments with Doctors for mother and child’s checkup to avoid any underlying problem.

Cautions, tips, and options after delivery

There are chances that your child can get cerebral palsy after birth in early childhood. This is mostly because of any head injury incurred during the early childhood days of your baby. There are measures, and deliberate care one can take to prevent such occurrence. It takes some necessary steps and good care of your child during their early days.

Parents should always make sure that their child receives all the essential vaccines. It is the most basic and common way to save your child from any health issues.
1) Take extra care while bathing the baby in a water container like pool or bathtub. Protect the head and prevent slipperage.
2)  There is a ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’ that can induce CP in a baby due to excessive shaking or rocking of the baby. Try to eliminate any habit of doing so.

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