Exercise to Cure Flat Feet

Often flat foot develops in a person in childhood. We can treat flat feet in a number of ways – losing weight, wearing custom supportive shoes, and intensive physical therapy. However, practising some simple exercise steps on a daily basis can also cure flat feet

5 Simple and Easy Flat Feet Exercise Steps

1) Start this flatfeet workout by placing the flat your feet flat on a floor in sitting position. Keep lifting the toes and foot gradually while keeping the heel stagnant. After holding the stretch for about 15 seconds, you have to switch to the right feet. The flat feet exercise needs to be repeated 5 times a day.

2) This workout requires you to put one foot over the other. You have to lift the left upper foot slowly and put it over the right foot. Move the left foot gradually till its middle rests on the other foot. Remain in the position for 1 minute while exerting pressure on the left foot. Repeat the exercise with your right flat foot.

3) This exercise also requires you to sit on a flat floor. But you have to bend the knees and hold your hands in the back to support your body. After sitting in the floor with bending knees, start separating the foot from the floor while keeping the heel on the floor. Keep cramping the toes and remain in this position for 15 seconds.

4) You can further cure flat feet by performing a simple foot exercise. The foot exercise will help you to build an arch through stretching. Start the exercise by sitting in a position to make your legs touch the floor directly. Lift your right foot gradually till it touches the last toe finger of the left foot.

5) You can alleviate the pain of flat feet by stretching the tight Achilles tendons several times a day. You can easily stretch the tight Achilles tendons by repeating this simple workout 50 to 10 times a day. Place your hands against a wall, and start outstretching the legs one by one. Keep the outstretched foot on the floor till you experience a stretch above the heels. Keep the foot outstretched for about 30 seconds.

You must repeat the flat feet exercises.

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