Call for Neck and Back Pain

Neck and back pain affect over 80 percent of Indian adults at some time during their lives. For many, back and neck pain is so severe that it limits their activities and decreases their quality of life. Pain management expert Dr. Deepak Agrawal,will help eliminate or minimize your pain so that you can get back to work or your favorite activities as soon as possible.

The training and expertise to diagnose and treat all types of neck pain, back pain and spine disorders, including:

Herniated discs
Spinal stenosis
Degenerative disc disease
Nerve pain
Scoliosis and congenital spine deformities
Slipped vertebrae – spondylolisthesis
Osteoporosis Compression Fractures

To relieve your pain, Dr. Deepak Agrawal will first attempt to treat your back or neck condition non-surgically with physical therapy or pain management procedures. Should you need surgery, Dr.Deepak Agrawal is highly skilled in performing the latest, most advanced surgical techniques for the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine (neck, chest, low back).

If you suffer from neck or back pain due to from a sports injury, work-related injury, auto accident, arthritis, or other trauma, turn to Dr. Deepak Agrawal.

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