Back pain and spine care

By focusing on posture you can easily decrease back pain . Having poor posture actually makes your muscles and ligaments work harder, creating pain and stress in your back. Over time, poor posture can even lead to changes in your spine, resulting in even more pain and physical limitations. Therefore, improving your posture can take some of the strain off of these areas.

Tips for Improving Posture

  • Walk and stand Straigh: Become habitual onstanding straight and tall. Give constant focus on a variety of body parts. Tuck your stomach in and stand with your knees straight and shoulders back.
  • Proper foot wear: Supportive footwear will provide the rest of the body with a solid foundation to take strain off knees, hips and your spine..
  • Vitamin D: Healthy diet is important for many reasons but including a sufficient amount of vitamin D is key for bone and muscle health.
  • Sit straight and tall:  Making a conscious effort not to slouch will help improve your posture. Focus on keeping your shoulders back and head up.

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