What is Rickets?

Calcium and vitamin D is essential for good bone health. Deficiency of these nutrient in body leads to soft and weak bone and results in Rickets.Rickets is a skeletal disorder caused by lack of calcium and vitamin D deficiency or phosphate.

How I can find that my child is having Rickets?

Few sign and symptoms from you can identify it easily like-  
  • Poor teeth development
  • Growth retardation 
  • Wrist widening 
  • Pigeon chest
  • Frontal bossing of head 
  • Bow legs/Knock knees 
  • Pain in bone and joints 
  • Delayed closure of head suture

How I can prevent Rickets? What should I give in diet?

Natural source of Vitamin D is Sun light. Parents should promote their children for outdoor activities for maximum sun light exposure. High protein and calcium diet like Milk, Milk products, paneerMakhana, Banana, Broccolysessem seeds, pulses, green vegetables, fruits etc. 
Avoid all kind of junk foods like cold drinks, pizza, burger, noodles etc. 

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